I've seen plenty of young white-washed Asian girls obsess over things in American media too. (bands, tv shows, etc.) I doubt they know anything about American origins and culture either. You really got to find a new hobby instead of putting young girls down like that.



You’re literally the dumbest alive.

An Asian American liking American media is different than a non-Japanese person liking Japanese media and in turn thinking all Japanese people are ~*~kawaii~~* and calling herself Sakurachan or whatever the fuck.

You need a new hobby instead of repeatedly making excuses for these girls, I can smell your white guilt from here.

what the fuck…………liking american media makes us “whitewashed????”

i’m fucking born in the us and we’re literally taught to hate ourselves and our language and culture from the moment we are fucking born. we have to adopt english names because our names are “too hard” for everyone else to pronounce, our skin color is is ugly because it’s too dark (how many fucking times do we get told to stay in the shade), how often do you see a white protagonist on tv as opposed to an asian one? in a country that is one of the most diverse countries in the world? (by means of invasion, genocide, slavery, etc i might add)

our cultures are fucking ACCESSORIES to white people while their cultures are SURVIVAL for us.

and what the fuck is this bullshit about “american origins and culture”? i know you’re not goddamn referring to indigenous americans. so what is white american culture? targets? infomercials? flavorless excuses of cuisine? what? whAT????

Kojima Haruna Fan Report ポートメッセなごや 140830

  • Fan:Nyan Nyan otsukare~
  • Kojiharu:Otsukare~
  • Fan:And Yuko?
  • Kojiharu:Yuuchaaaaaaaan
  • Fan:Yukooooooooo!
  • Kojiharu:Yuuchaaaaaaan!!
  • Fan:Nyan Nyaaaaaaaaan!!
  • Kojiharu:Yuuchaaaaaaan!!